Should I feel guilty about taking time of playing the flute over Christmas?

In 'Talking Flutes' podcast this week, Jean-Paul and Clare talk about Christmas puzzles, sparkling English wine, the guilt about flute practicing and also discuss thoughts about taking 'Talking Flutes Extra' in a different direction in 2020 with a bit more fun.

'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' podcasts are taking a two week break over Christmas and New Year and we return on January 6th with a brand new year of exciting and fund flute orientated podcasts.  In the meantime, please continue to send us your flute questions and ideas for Jean-Paul and his 'Extra' podcasts to 

Thank you so much for all your support for our podcast channel through 2019 and we look forward to welcoming you back very soon.

'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions by the TJ flute Company.  For more information visit


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