Two movements, the 'Rondeau' and the 'Aria' from the beautiful and haunting flute piece Suite Antique by John Rutter is this week looked at by Clare Southworth in her 'Talking Flutes' podcast

Composed in 1979, this concertante work by John Rutter  is written for harpsichord, flute and string orchestra. Rutter composed the piece, in six movements, for a concert at which Bach's fifth Brandenburg concerto was to be performed, and so decided to write the piece for the same ensemble.  The Suite is made up of six movements ranging from `a Bach-like Aria' to a 'Richard Rodgers-style Waltz'. Rutter's own style comes forth most strongly in the final Rondeau with its characteristically forward-driving rhythms and beautiful melodic lines. Evoking an 'antique' spirit, each movement is based on a Baroque or Classical style.

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