"Run towards your fears and not away from them" and "Stop caring what other people think about you!"

Praveen 'The Flute Guy' talks this week to Jean-Paul about his family pressures to NOT be a flute player, and also why he's so inspired to talk about the subject of 'Mental Health' on his popular social media channels.  A science graduate from Oxford University straight to NASA should be the dream of every aspiring child if they can't be an astronaut, however Praveen turned his back on the Californian sun to pursue his dream of flute playing and bringing peace and cheer to people around the world.

If you want to find out more about Praveen "...Just Google 'The Indian Flute Guy' and I come up"

Next week Clare returns with her 'Talking Flutes' podcast when she will be looking at the fantastic Suite Antique by John Rutter.

'Talking Flutes Extra' is a podcast production by the Trevor James Flute Company, for more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com 

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