A longer than usual podcast giving a brief overview through my own eyes of four days spent at the worlds largest flute convention, the National Flute Association of America, this year held in Orlando.  

A huge shout out to every flute player I met, tested flutes with and more importantly, laughed with.  The thing about the NFA is that you get the world's best flute players performing and mixing with everybody and the 'vibe' is very laidback and super friendly. Everybody has time for you.  So the bottom line is put it on your 'Bucket List' of things to do.  2019 Convention is in Salt Lake City and 2020 in Dallas.  Check out the National Flute Associations website for more details www.nfaonline.org

Clare Soutworth returns next week with her 'Talking Flutes' podcasts and is in dialogue with musician, professor and composer Andy Scott.

'Talking Flutes Extra' is a podcast production by Trevor James flutes.  For more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com


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