The importance of trusting your own musical judgement!

In this week's 'Talking Flutes Extra' Jean-Paul dials in to Paris to speak with popular social media flutist and performance boundary pusher Daniela Mars.  In a wide raging talk, she explains how you should trust your own judgement when putting performance videos up online as to ask too many others often leads to conflicting advise and inner confusion.  Also how she always wanted to push boundaries with her practice and performances and got very confused when she was studying, with the conflicting advice from players and teachers on how to play Bach and Mozart.  "Every piece of music I had, would have previous performance comments (by teachers) rubbed out and replaced with a different confusing!!  Daniela also speaks about her conflict in playing Ian Clarke's 'Zoom Tube' in a morph suit on YouTube and whether to show her face at all during the piece.

Next week Clare returns with her 'Talking Flutes' podcast where she is once again in dialogue with Jean-Paul answering listeners questions.

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