How to communicate musically, with your body language and how preparation is all when it comes to Music College auditions!

Professor of flute at the Royal Academy of Music in London Clare Southworth talks about the process of music college/conservatoire flute auditions.

What you should expect from the audition panel, how you should prepare beforehand, choosing your accompanist, how to communicate musically and with your body language to those who may or may not offer you a place at their music establishment.

Thank you for tuning in to 'Talking Flutes' podcast this week.  Next week in 'Talking Flutes Extra' , Jean-Paul speaks to the multi-award winning and 2 x Grammy nominated musician about the National Flute Association (NFA) Convention being held this August in Orlando, Florida and what he has planned to raise the bar even higher from his very successful full house 'Dance Your Flute Off' showcase at the NFA last year!

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