This is a game changer for musicians of all levels!

Used by students and professionals in 120 countries, nkoda is rapidly becoming the Spotify for sheet music with it's enormous resource of sheet music and simple access which is immediately available for all subscribers!   

With the ability to annotate your scores, add layers to personalise the areas of the music you want to mark, create playlists, upload your own music and share your score and markings with not only one person, but the whole world, and much much more, the future has finally caught up with the sheet music world. 

In 'Talking Flutes Extra' this week, Jean-Paul speaks to Lorenzo Brewer, the founder and creative force behind nkoda about how he started with this innovative project and also how this app really does 'change the game' and enables musicians around the world to no longer need to carry huge amounts of sheet music and books with them.

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