Psychiatrist Dr Roelof Joe Stammeijer has a coffee and a chat with his mum, Flute professor, soloist, author and rather fine golfer Clare Southworth-Stammeijer on the subject of stress and mental health for the musician.  As the surname suggests, Dr Stammeijer is Clare's son, and also was a flute player himself so is fully aware of the day-to-day inner struggles that musicians face.

As Clare says at the end of the podcast, never suffer in silence.  Everybody has good days and days when they do not feel as good. This is natural, however if you find the regularity of the low days increasing, and you are beginning to feel extremely low, then if you can't emerge from the clouds, seek help from your local doctor.  Thankfully in 2019, it is not a sign of weakness to accept that at times we are stressed, extremely low and may have some deep inner issues.  It's a sign of weakness when you don't seek help!

Talking Flutes Extra podcast returns next week with an interview with Hollywood film flute player, social media influencer and founder of the 'Glow With Music' project Gina Luciani.

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