Mastering the flute with William Bennett

TF 'Extra' - the in-betweeny flooty tooty podcasts which are filling the weekly' space whilst International flute player, Professor and author Clare Southworth prepares Season 2  of 'Talking Flutes'.

This week we take a brief look at Social media for flute players, have a telephone call 'Joke' spot and a fascinating interview with the talented Roderick Seed, author of the fantastic new exercise and tutor book 'Mastering the flute with William Bennett'.

"Roderick Seed has collected a wide range of exercises covering many topics that give the flute player the tools to play with different dynamics and range of expression, and simultaneously helping them with associated technical difficulties such as pitch control.  He has introduced my approach to the flute in a clear and logical way with his own insights and experiences." - William Bennett

For more information on Roderick Seed and to purchase this fantatistic book

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