Online resources and the joy of playing the flute.

Welcome to Podcast 5 the last in the current season of the 'Talking Flutes' Series developed for this channel by the acclaimed International Flute Player, Professor and author Clare Southworth.

In this Podcast, Jean-Paul talks to Clare about online learning and resources and especially the two new learning and playing websites she has developed. 

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Next week, whilst Clare is preparing a new season of 'Talking Flutes' interviews and audio content, Jean-Paul will present 'TF Extra', some 'filler' podcasts which will be a lighter look at what's happening in the world of flutes.


Jean-Paul Wright is a flute player and managing director of Worldwind Music / Trevor James Instruments

The 'Talking Flutes' Podcast season is a TJ Flutes production. 

Global flute website 

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