Life as a flute player inside the Paris lockdown

In 'Talking Flutes Extra' this week, Jean-Paul speaks via Messenger app from his own London Covid-19 'Lockdown' to Paris based musician and flute professor Mihi Kim about how she has survived and worked through the first two weeks of hers in Paris.

During the podcast Mihi gives some really interesting tips about how to practice silently if you’re lockdown in a small apartment and also what she is doing to keep herself motivated.

As a flute professor in Paris, Mihi is very firm in her belief of what makes a good flute teacher.  They only goals should be to unleash the potential of the flute student.  The student should not be playing to please the teacher. The key is understanding how a student thinks and what is blocking them from doing certain things. Do not try to be like teacher or another player you admire as you will never achieve your goal.  Try to be only like yourself!

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