"Let's embrace the sound of the flute...we're not trumpet players!"

In the 'Talking Flutes Extra' Coronovirus Survival podcast this week, Jean-Paul talks to one of the world's busiest flute players Stephen Clark about his fabulous new interactive tutor book 'The Flute Gym' and why you should all have a copy.  We also discuss the fact that nobody should think they can sell you a flute...the flute for you will become very apparent when you play it.  And also Stephen spills the beans on the naughty (but funny) artist error on the original front cover of his book and thankfully how it was spotted before it went to print :-)

'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions by the TJ flute Company.  For more information www.trevorjamesflutes.com


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