Discussing a ban on fizzy drinks to cleaning your teeth before performance, being part of the orchestra but 'not actually in the orchestra', and the loneliness of being a freelance flute player.

In this 1st podcast of three, Jean-Paul Wright (from the 'Talking Flutes Extra' podcasts) has a chat with Clare Southworth in her home town of Hove in East Sussex (South of England) with some of the questions sent in by listeners.

If you would like Clare or Jean-Paul to answer any of your questions, then please send to flutepodcasts@gmail.com or via any of the TJ flutes social media pages @tjflutes (Instagram), @trevorjamesflutes (Facebook) or @flute (Twitter)

'Talking Flutes' and 'Taking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions for the Trevor James Flute Company.  For more information visit trevorjamesflutes.com 

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