Put 4000 flute players in the same venue for flute fun, masterclasses, showcases and concerts and you will find 4000 'Happy Flutists'.

This espisode of 'Talking Flutes Extra' was recorded at the National Flute Asscoiation Convention held at Salt Lake City August 1-4 2019. 

With Jean-Paul in Japan, Clare on vacation, the podcast recording duties were handed over to the lovely Dr Eftihiav Arkoudis, flute player and member of the Beta Flute Quartet to give you a feeling of what goes on at this wonderful annual event by interviewing some of the wondeful flute players performing and also recording some of their fabulous peformances.

Next week, Clare returns from her summer vacation and looks at ansering some of the many questions which have been sent in by the listeners.

'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast recordings by the Trevor James Flute Company.  For more information www.trevorjamesflutes.com


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