"You can annihilate every note on the page however your Granny will always think it’s the best she’s ever heard!"

This week in 'Talking Flutes Extra' Jean-Paul speaks with proud Scotsman Stephen Clark who seems to be constantly circumnavigating the globe with his flute.  During the chat in specialist London Flute Shop All Flutes Plus and then later over lunch, Stephen talks about the "Competitive paranoia in the music business', the need to always record your lessons to give you a reference point, his new found love for the Instagram flute community and much, much more!

For more information on Stephen then www.stephenclarkflute.com 

'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions by the Trevor James Flute Company.


Clare returns with her 'Talking Flutes' podcast next week where she is answering some of the many questions that you've sent in.

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