Another offering from the technical guru Mr Raif O'Poll who has spent the last year deliberating and researching new concepts for musical instruments.  Following the great commercial success of the tandem baritone idea last year, Raif has spent 12 months deep in thought and discussion with saxophone players around the World.....(well truthfully the local village really).  Raif maintains however that the saxophone expertise running throughout the local community is an accurate mirror for the World sax market and has consulted experts including Mrs Bellandbow in the local Post Office to Ivor Crook in the flower shop.  Even Mrs Reed and her daughter Toppa Fsharp apparently have added considerable input in to Raif's research! These podcasts are meant to be an amusing insight in to the various characters in our research and development department and also those who design and then set-up all Trevor James flutes and saxophones prior to their dispatch to customers around the world.    After many requests from the Twitter and Facebook community, who are often amused at the various postings detailing the grumpiness and quite frankly 'odd' thoughts which emanate from our distinguished and qualified technical gurus, we have once again given in to social media demands by granting our technical workshop team some more 'daylight' and just a little public space in which to share their many words of wisdom as well as new design ideas.  Finally and speaking with total honesty...we do actually like soprano and piccolo players and apologies to all those you actually thought we were serious!!!

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